You’ve Got Him. Now You’ve Got To Keep Him!

We’ve all been there. You meet a new guy, and things seem to be going great. Next thing you know, he is frequently unavailable, then he stops returning calls, and eventually you wonder if he’s completely fallen off the planet. You can’t help but wonder “What went wrong?”.

Unfortunately, it’s often hard to say exactly what went wrong, but there are some basic rules to follow when you’re in the beginning of a new relationship. Here are some tips to keep your man in your life.

Don’t be ‘Clingy’

The beginning of a new relationship is always exciting. For the most part, both parties will want to be together as much as possible. However, after the first couple months, you will both need to re-balance your relationship with your personal lives. If he starts to request more time away from you to go out with his friends, or make time for his hobbies, that’s okay! It gives you time to focus on yourself too, which is important!

Don’t Nag! – You’re Not His Mother!

This one is age-old. The very beginning of a romance can often leave you blind to some qualities in your man that might not be the most desirable. After a month or two, some things that didn’t annoy you at first, (like the lip-smacking noises he makes when he chews), may start to make you grind your teeth in frustration. If you start telling him at every meal “please chew quieter”, and when he comes in the door “take your shoes off on the mat, not the floor” the list will grow, and he will begin to feel like nothing he does is right. Nobody is perfect, and I can guarantee that you do things that drive him crazy too.

Don’t be Needy

When you start to date someone new, he will inevitably start to bring you out to events with his friends and co-workers. With so many new faces, it’s easy to feel shy and sometimes overwhelmed. What you can’t do, is sit quietly in the corner with an ‘I’m so bored’ look on your face. Make a conscious effort to have a good time with his friends, and he will definitely appreciate it. Hopefully he’ll do the same when it’s time to meet your friends.

It might not come naturally, but these tips will help you to stop wondering “What went Wrong?”.

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