You Don’t Need Expensive Female Sex Toys For Self Pleasure

While it’s easy enough to perform female masturbation with the simple use of your own two hands, sometimes it can become monotonous and you may be looking for something a bit more stimulating. If you find yourself in a masturbation rut, and can’t afford any female sex toys, you don’t need to worry. Plenty of substitutes can be found around the house.

You Don’t Need Expensive Female Sex Toys for Self Pleasure

Before using any household objects in and around your vagina, however, you need to make sure they’re really clean. Be sure to wash them with a good soap, and if you can – disinfect them. Because they’re household objects, they may have a lot of dirt and germs on them, even if it’s not obvious, and you don’t want to end up with any infections.

Households Objects that can Double as Female Sex Toys

If you’re imagination isn’t up to the task of finding household objects to use as sex toys, here is a list of common things found around the house that make great female sex toy substitutions.

1. Electronic Tooth Brush: Ah yes, the vibrating toothbrush. What better place to start? Take off the actual toothbrush attachment, and you’ve got yourself a simple vibrator. It doesn’t have any fancy settings, but it will give you that vibrating sensation you’re looking for. Just make sure you wash it well before and after each use.

2. Hairbrush: I’m not talking about the end with the bristles. If you’ve got a plastic hairbrush with a nice rounded handle, this can substitute for a reasonably sized dildo. Insert the handle into your vagina while you stimulate your clit, for great results.

3. Hair clips/claws: Many women love nipple and breast stimulation while they masturbate, and many different hair clips can aid in this. Clip the hair clips onto your nipples to get the same feeling you would get with nipple clamps. As you massage your clit and vagina, the rocking motion will make the clips move back and forth, giving you the sensation of having your nipples played with while you masturbate.

4. Underwear: Your underwear is always close to your vagina, but it’s largely overlooked as a masturbation aid. Ever pulled your panties high into your vagina? It gives a pleasurable feeling as it gets deeper. Rock back and forth while you pull your panties high into your crotch for an intense sensation.

5. Showerhead: If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing out. If you have a removable showerhead, you can be in pretty much any position you wish. If it’s not removable, you may find it best to lie down in the bath or on the shower floor. Allow the water stream to land directly on your clit. The water pressure will be enough to give you an amazing orgasm.

Just set your imagination free, and you’ll see there are many objects in the house you can use for your own masturbation.

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