You Are The Queen Of Failed Relationships

So you’ve been through a lot of relationships, and they always seem to fail. What is going wrong? As our history teachers have always said, there’s no better way to plan for the future, than by looking at the past.

You are the Queen of Failed Relationships

If you are constantly coming out of failed relationships, it’s time you sat down, pen and paper in hand, and made a list of all the similarities in your past relationships.

You See a Pattern In Your Failed Relationships – How’s That Working For Ya??

Once you’ve taken the time to list all the similarities in your past relationships, you will notice some patterns. And in the wise words of my sister, I ask you the same – ”How’s that workin for ya?

1. You’re Attracted to a Certain Type

So you notice that you’re always attracted to a particular type of man. Whether it’s bad-ass tattoo guys, or workaholics, you definitely see a trend in the men you have been dating. And I ask you, How’s that workin for ya? Maybe you need to sit down and analyse what you like about this type of man, and also what it is about these types that are causing failed relationships. Maybe you can find a happy medium in a guy who’s.. half your type?

2. You Attract a Certain Type

If you’re attracted to a certain type, chances are you attract a certain type too. Take a look at the way you dress, or the way you present yourself. If you’re wearing skintight mini-dresses and 4-inch heels, I ask you, How’s that workin for ya? Wonder why you’re only attracting men interested in purely sexual relationships? Maybe you need to tone-down your sex appeal.

3. You Keep Your Feelings Bottled Up

So you don’t like talking about your feelings. Most people don’t. However, it’s an important part of any relationship. If you keep your feelings bottled up anyways, I ask you again – How’s that workin for ya? Learning to open up to your partner can be a scary task, but it’s important. If you notice that your communication has been lacking in previous relationships, perhaps it’s time to open up a little bit, and let your next partner inside. Take baby steps, and you’ll realize it’s not as hard as you think.

4. You Rush Into Relationships

If you’ve noticed that your past relationships went from meeting to full-fledge romance in a matter of weeks, I ask – how’s that workin for ya? It’s important to get to know each other gradually. Understand the way that each other works. It’s difficult for two strangers to suddenly intertwine their lives, and things that may not have been a big deal if integrated slowly, chew at your every nerve-ending and ruin a relationship.

Looking at your failed relationships is an excellent way to prepare for good relationships in the future. Just ask yourself ‘How’s that workin for me?’

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