A rabbit vibe is a special type of woman’s adult sex toy. This kind of sex vibe comes with a dildo attached to a small rabbit. This rabbit has flexible ears that can extremely stimulate the clitoris as the dildo head penetrates the vagina. The bunny ears are aligned with the clitoris because through this position, the rabbit vibrator can stimulate multiple erogenous zones simultaneously. It is a well-known sex toy, having first been shown on the runaway hit TV show “Sex and the City” in its first season. In this particular episode, Charlotte loved her toy and since this episode, a lot of women have become addicted to it.

One way a rabbit vibrator can give sexual pleasure is through its exclusive design for women solo stimulation and enhancing couple or paired lovemaking. Because of its design, it truly shines as one of the best and most pleasurable sex toys for women, both solo and with a partner. Over the years, rabbit vibrators have been tagged with different names as manufacturers never stop improving the design and function of this great sex toy. Though there are now a lot of new features attached to a rabbit vibrator, what women love most about this sex toy still remain untouched and these are none other than the gyrating or rotating head and the bunny ears that have really helped women experience both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

New rabbits these days have been made more advanced. You can now find rabbit vibe that can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise with a speed controller. The head also now resembles a penis to give women a more realistic feeling particularly when they are using a rabbit vibrator for g-spot stimulation. In addition, new rabbits these days not come with small metal or plastic beads incased in the dildo shaft that rotates or vibrates at different directions and speeds to intensify and enhance the orgasm sensation. Only a rabbit vibrating toy has beads and this is one of the features why this sex toy is really popular among women.

Find other adult sex toys in the market and you will never find one that could give equally the same sexual pleasure a rabbit can give. Charlotte in Sex and the City is just one of the women who love to experience sexual pleasure. If she found it in a rabbit sex toy, you too can experience the same thing!