The clitoris surrounds the vagina rather like a horseshoe. The urethral sponge runs along the upper ridge of the vagina, and can be stimulated through the vagina. The clitoris serves no other purpose than to provide a woman with sexual pleasure. However, even there is still some disagreement among researchers as to how many parts the clitoris is composed – it is generally thought to contain up to 18. The clitoris has more nerve endings than the male penis and with over 8000 nerve fibers is one of the most sensitive and receptive parts of the entire human anatomy. Clitoris stimulation can induce the female orgasm probably quicker than g-spot stimulation, although multiple orgasms are more frequent when proper g-spot stimulation occurs.

When a woman is sexually aroused, the clitoris is filled with blood, making it increase or swell in size just a like a penis. Clitoris simulation can be easily achieved, even without direct contact, just by massaging of the skin surrounding the clitoris can produce incredible sensations. Direct stimulation of the clit can be so intense that with skilful masturbation techniques it can bring a woman to orgasm almost too quickly.

However there is a variety of ways to achieve clitoral massage that are both pleasurable and with a slower, more arousing build up towards climax. These include oral stimulation, whereby a partner kisses and sucks on the clitoris, or stimulation. There is also manual stimulation using the hands to coax and tease orgasm and at the same time penetrate the vagina. Sex toy stimulation can be extremely enjoyable and intense and there are a vast arsenal of sex toys, in the shape of vibrators, dildos and massagers designed to produce incredible sensation from clitoral stimulation.

It’s common for women to find that a partner providing stimulation is far more exciting and rewarding by avoiding intercourse altogether and using manual stimulation or vibrators. Watching and sharing erotica is also another way to experience a delightful form of stimulation without the need for intercourse.