Why Mild Voyeurism Is An Excellent Female Masturbation Technique

Voyeurism (sexual acts in public, or while being watched) is an amazing way to increase your arousal, but please note, I am absolutely not telling you to get naked and start masturbating in public places – that is illegal.

Female Masturbation Techniques – Mild Voyeurism

Masturbating in semi-public places can be a really erotic experience. Feeling like you’re doing something daring, or wrong will heighten the sensations you feel when you pleasure yourself. That being said, please be safe about it. Choose places where you’re not going to get caught, and be careful that men don’t actually see what you’re doing – it may be too much for them to handle, and you don’t want them getting any wrong ideas.

Female Masturbation Technique – Sex in Semi-Public Places

Okay, so the idea sounds intriguing but you’re not completely sure how to go about it. Here is a list of places you can start with that will introduce you to that insanely erotic feeling of doing something naughty:

1. Bathroom Stalls: Bathroom stalls are private enough that you won’t get into any trouble, but they’re still a public place with people milling about. If you’re in a mall, or even your office building, there is a fair bit of traffic in the bathrooms. Lock yourself into a stall, preferably in the first half of the stalls to receive the most passers-by, and give yourself access to your clit. Allow yourself to fantasize about people knowing you’re in there, or even getting caught, and start massaging your clit. Bring a quiet vibrator if you are daring enough. As people walk by, your heart rate will increase with nervousness, and it will help increase your orgasm when it happens.

2. In a Traffic Jam: So you’re stuck in traffic on the way home from work again – relieve your stress by masturbating in the car. Undo your pants, or hike up your skirt, and begin to touch yourself. Making eye contact with people in the other cars will likely make you nervous, but also aroused and super wet. Such a naughty girl you are! Just be careful when large trucks and SUVs pass by – they may be able to see down into your car.

3. Near a Window: From outside your house at night, people can not see through the windows into a dark room – they will see the reflections from outside lights. Take advantage of this and get naked close to the window. (not too close, they may be able to see). Massage yourself as you watch people walk by, or while you watch your neighbors bringing in the groceries. Being able to see them, but them not being able to see you will definitely add a level of intensity.

Some other places may include the toilets on a train, in your private office or storage room at work, under the blanket while people sleep on a plane… the list is endless if you use your imagination.

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