Why Do Adult Sex Shops Seem to Scary?

Are you too nervous to walk into an adult sex shop with your partner and look around? Or perhaps you can make it inside the shop, but asking questions to the sales staff and actually making a purchase is out of the question. You’re definitely not alone, but I wish you were. Sex shops are possibly one of the greatest sex and relationship aids ever invented.

Why Do Adult Sex Shops Seem to Scary

While I don’t share your pain now, I used to if you can believe it. I know that feeling of walking around, wanting to look at everything, read every box, ask how things work, but feeling that hot red blush cross my cheeks as soon as I heard “Can I help you with anything?”

It does make sense why some people get shy in the sex shop. Talking about sex can be a very personal subject, and you’re letting a complete stranger into a part of your life that is typically kept between you and your partner (and you best girlfriends of course).

However, the people that work in that sex shop have seen and heard more than you can (probably) even imagine. There are some very sexually adventurous people out there. So know that the sales clerk isn’t judging you. Neither are the customers in the store (they’re in there too, right?) and learn why an adult sex shop can help your relationship.

How an Adult Sex Shop Can Help Your Relationship

Being open to browsing and making purchases from your local adult sex shop is a great tool in keeping your relationship sexually exciting. Here’s how:

  • Looking is Arousing – Just setting foot into the shop with your partner will get the juices going for many couples. Imagining using some of the things in the shop is definitely a turn on. Show your partner things that look interesting to you, and make sure he does the same.
  • Sales People are There to Help – Be sure to engage the sales people, even if you think you know what you want. The great thing about an adult toy shop is the sales staff! As I said earlier, they have seen and heard a lot, and can help you make the best purchase for what you’re looking for. You may want a vibrator or a butt plug, and they can tell you which ones are the best, and why – instead of going by the marketing on the package.
  • Sales People are There to Help – No, it’s not a typo. #3 and #2 are the same, but it’s the most important part of an adult sex shop. Build a relationship with your sales associate, and let them know what purchases you liked and didn’t like, so they can recommend new products.

Keeping your sex-life spicy is the key to a good relationship, so get comfortable with your neighborhood sex shop and enjoy the benefits you reap.

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