What Should You Do With Your Partners Cum After A BJ?

Blowjobs are a controversial subject for a lot of girls. While every guy enjoys receiving a blowjob, a lot of girls don’t like giving them. Perhaps the thought of sucking on something that expels urine and semen turns you off, or maybe your scared that you are doing it wrong. Regardless of your reasons for wanting or not wanting to give your partner a blowjob, you need to look at the pros and cons of your decision.

What Should You Do With Your Partners Cum After A BJ

The Pros Of Giving A Blowjob

Of course, the first pro of giving your partner a blowjob is to make him feel good. Blowjobs are a great way to start sex, and they have become a necessary component of foreplay. Getting your guy to the brink of cumming and then letting him have his way with you will not only excite him, but it will excite you as well.

Giving blowjobs can be fun. Watching the expressions on your partners face as you suck and lick his hard cock is priceless. Food is not the only way to get to a guys heart, blowjobs are.

The Cons of Giving A Blowjob

A lot of the cons of giving a blowjob have to do with the way that you think about it. If the thought of placing your mouth on top of something that urine and semen expels out of makes you feel disgusting, then obviously that is going to be a big con of the ordeal.

What comes out at the end of the blowjob may also be a con. Most women do not like to swallow the cum that comes bursting out of a males penis, so instead of swallowing the cum gets everywhere, making blowjob giving a messing affair.

Of course, there are more pros and cons to giving a blowjob, but most of the pros and cons are going to be based on your feelings towards conducting this sexual act. While, some girls actually enjoy giving their partners blowjobs, there are other women that would not think twice if they ever had to go down on their partner ever again.

When giving a blowjob it is important to consider the fact that you are doing something for your partner to pleasure them. You may not be getting any pleasure out of the ordeal, but seeing your partner or someone that you generally care about getting pleased should be enough to get you in the mood. In fact, there are a lot of women that prefer to give blowjobs as a means to get themselves in the mood to have sex with their partners.

Blowjobs can be great or they can be absolutely disgusting, in the end it all depends on the way that you feel when giving them. One of the biggest complaints that women have when it comes to giving a blowjob is determining what they should do with the cum that expels after a male has orgasmed. You have the choice of either spitting or swallowing. Which do you prefer?


It turns my boyfriend on so much when I swallow his load after giving him a BJ. Missy, Rhode Island

I hate giving blow jobs, but I do it sometimes to please my man. I definitely spit though! Belinda, Nevada

Just remember: if you expect him to go down on you , it’s only fair you return the favour! Nat, South Dakota

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