What is Involved in a Swingers Relationship?

You know they’re out there, and maybe even some of your friends are involved in swingers parties and going to sex clubs. This idea may seem appealing to some, but what is really involved?

What is Involved in a Swingers Relationship

There are different methods to swinging, and each couple needs to agree what is best. Some couples allow their partners to have sex with whoever they want, whenever they want, as long as it is open and talked about. This is typically called an open relationship.

To be a true swinging couple, however, you need to swing together. This means going to swinger’s parties or sex clubs. At swinger’s parties, you are usually invited by a friend, or a friend of a friend, and the parties take place at someone’s home. What happens from there is always different, depending on the type of party you are invited to.

Some swinger’s parties encourage open sex between all members right there at the party. Sometimes you may be asked to come in lingerie, or a certain type of costume. Sex is then an open free-for-all for all those at the party. This can sometimes lead into intense group sex.

At other swinger’s parties, you are encouraged to bring the sex home with you. The party involves much flirtation, food and drink, much like a regular party. However, at the end of the night names are drawn out of a hat. Whichever couple you and your partner pull from the hat, either comes to your place, or you go to theirs. At that point, you swap partners. Some swingers will engage in group sex as a foursome.

If you’re not in the realm of swinger’s party invitations, there are many sex clubs that offer areas for people to partake in consensual sex at the club. Often clothes are deemed not allowed upon entry, and you and your partner are free to roam the club in your underwear, (or naked) looking for suitable partners to join you. Private rooms are usually available, or large beds are usually lain out in the open area if you enjoy being watched during the act. These clubs often have dungeon and other fantasy rooms available for use.

Are You Ready to Become Swingers?

Becoming a swinger is not a decision to be taken lightly. It truly is a lifestyle, not a one-night sexual fantasy. Any time another person becomes involved in your relationship, you risk hurting each other, and losing trust. Jealousy may erupt where you didn’t expect it to. Watching your partner with another woman may seem arousing now, but how will you handle it when it’s actually in front of you? Be sure you know what you’re wishing for before you dive in to this sexual exploration. It can be exciting, but you really need an open and honest relationship for it to work.

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