We-Vibe II – Perfect For Couples

Over the past five years that I have been with my boyfriend we have use several different sex toys for women to make our lovemaking more exciting and fun. But we were a bit disappointed by the lack of toys geared for couples, until we found the We-Vibe II. This unique sex toy is designed with two motors and is double ended; one in is inserted inside the vagina and the other lies gently across the clitoris. The end of the We-Vibe two that is inside the vagina fits snugly so that when my boyfriend penetrates me he enjoys the vibrations that I’m experiencing as well. Because it is such a small device it is easy to keep in place and enjoyed in a variety of different sexual positions.

We-Vibe II

This vibrator has a new dimension to sex; it’s much more comfortable to use than a vibrating cock ring which can be a bit irritating to the sensitive skin of the pubic area. What my boyfriend likes the most about the We-Vibe II is that it doesn’t interfere with his movements at all. This device is made of high quality silicone material to avoid any allergic reactions that the common with latex products and this vibrator is completely chargeable.

Even though this device is geared to couples it can be used by women to masturbate alone stimulating the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. When I use it to masturbate I find that the sensations are intense enough for me to have multiple orgasms within a short period of time. But when I use it with my boyfriend it is a lot more exciting because the movement increases the stimulation and changes the rhythm of the vibrations from the motor producing really intense orgasms.

To use the We-Vibe tune with your partner can bring a fresh start of romance tool your time together and bring you closer by sharing a sex toy and experiencing new pleasure. You can also use this in combination with anal sex toys for any other sex toy that you and your partner prefer to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

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