Vaginal Work Out With Balls

Many women want the ability to strengthen their inner muscles, doing exercises like Kegels not only to tighten their vaginal muscles but also to strengthen them. After you’ve read this Ophoria K balls review, you’ll find that there is now a fun and orgasmic way to strengthen your muscles while playing with yourself.

Ophoria K balls

Ophoria K Balls are uniquely designed with shake weights inside of two small balls. Similar to the shake weight used for toning arms and abs, the balls with weight inside of them work out the vaginal muscles once the toy is inside. The weighted balls are comfortable for any level of experience a woman has and can even be used to further strengthen the muscles by constricting the muscles around them.

Of course it’s more than just a great workout; it also provides a subtle stimulation similar to that of a nice soft rhythm during sex. They gently slide in and if you review the design of the Ophoria K balls, you’ll see an easy to grab string to help slide them back out when you’re done using them. The silicone material that makes it feel smooth against your skin also makes it easy for cleaning, so you can easily use them again and again without any worries.

This cute toy comes in three different colors, all adding a sense of brightness and fun to your sexual experimentation. Why are you still reading this Ophoria K balls review when you could go out and get them for less than twenty bucks?

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