Using Fantasies In Female Masturbation

Men are very visual creatures when it comes to sex and masturbation. The sight of one breast bouncing up and down on a screen is usually enough stimulation to quickly guide them into orgasm. Women, however, often need much more than that. Women need emotional and mental stimulation to get aroused, which is why fantasies are women’s biggest aid when it comes to self-love.

Start off by getting yourself comfortable. Whether you choose lying on the bed, relaxing in the bath, or lounging on the sofa, make sure you’re somewhere you know you have privacy for at least 30 minutes. Then undress yourself.

While some women don’t find it necessary to masturbate while naked, it will definitely help get you aroused. This way you have complete access to every part of your body without any clothing getting in the way.

Lie back, and begin to daydream about an amazing sexual encounter. You can think of someone you know, or a complete stranger – whatever turns you on. As you think about this scenario, gently rub your clit and massage your breasts. Whatever actions you are imagining in your fantasy, try to duplicate the touches and movements in real life, on your own body. If your fantasy involves rough squeezing of your breasts, squeeze your breasts in that manner. If you are imagining sucking his cock, there’s no shame in opening your mouth as if you were taking it in for real – mimicking these motions will add to the realism of your fantasy, and really start to turn you on.

If you have some lube handy, use it.

And remember, that you are in control of your own fantasy here, so try to play it out for as long as you can. Get yourself as wet and aroused as possible before letting yourself climax, and make sure the fantasy fits when you do.

Erotic Novels can also help Female Masturbation

If you don’t find yourself to have the greatest imagination, try substituting your fantasies with an erotic novel. There are tons of cheap erotic novels at the bookstore that touch on every genre of fantasy. Choose one that suits you, and get yourself home.

Start off the same way as above- go somewhere private and get yourself comfortable. Then you can start reading the book. If it’s a true erotic novel, it won’t take long to get a little steamy. As you’re reading the sexual text, allow yourself to really visualize what is going on in the book. Caress your breasts and clitoris as you read.

To be completely honest, if it’s your first erotic novel, some of the words used like pecker or prick might give you a chuckle at first. But that will soon wear off, and the pure desire on these pages will take over. If you’ve got the afternoon free, see how many times you can orgasm as you read through the book.

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