Two Times The Fun With Zini Deux

This Zini Deux review will fill you in on all the details of this unique toy. This small egg shaped toy might seem alien but it’s definitely down to Earth no matter how unique it is. Zini Deux is sold as one toy but is really two toys in one, specifically created to cater to the foreplay needs of men and women. Not really a great masturbation tool (unless it’s mutual masturbation) the Zini Deux is a must have for sexual intercourse with your partner.

Zini Deux

One half of the egg is created for women. With soft vibration and a smooth surface this half of the egg provides stimulation for the clit. The outer shell of the egg wraps around the clitoris and presses against the outer walls of the vagina while a small nub inside the casing presses right against the clitoris, applying pressure similar to that of a finger. Combined with the vibrations it provides a full orgasmic experience centered around the clit.

The other half of the egg is meant for men. It’s difficult to provide an accurate Zini Deux review because there really is nothing like it. This half of the egg is really just like a shell meant to cup various erogenous areas on a man such as the balls or the head of his penis. While it might not seem like much, the tight cupping along with the vibrations creates sensations that are new to most men.

Even though each half has its intended purpose, anywhere a couple can make use of the egg is the right way for it to be used. The woman’s half it great for nipple play while the man’s half can tickle a usually ignored erogenous zone: the ear. Enjoy the versatility of the Zini Deux, made for two.

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