The High Roller is a battery-operated silicone vibrator capable of strong vibrations and it works not with a control but with a wheel that instantly increases or decreases the speed of the vibes.

Although the High Roller is said to be a waterproof vibrator, you might want to use it in the shower first before exposing it to the depths of your bath. The battery compartment has a silicone band around it and will stand up to underwater exposure, but would the wheel control hold up under water? The added texture of the shaft adds a little extra stimulation when it’s used for penetration.

One key advantage of the High Roller waterproof vibrator is that it’s made of silicone which is safe to use and can be easily sterilized. The shaft is flexible enough to conform to you while it’s inside and not feel uncomfortable – this is also helped by the fact that the tip is narrow at ” and broadens to 1.5″ which makes it easy to insert, even for beginners. It just feels about right, with 5 insertable inches – not too big and not too small. If you’re looking for a realistic dildo, this is not it, the High Roller doesn’t pretend to be realistic, unless that is, your partner has vibrant pink and black combination privates, which is unlikely.


Easiness of cleaning

The High Roller waterproof vibrator maybe gets its name because the vibes it gives off are powerful and can come in waves, especially when on max. You can really feel the action in the center of the shaft. You just keep cranking the wheel to vary the vibe. There are no vibrating patterns, the High Roller merely increases in intensity. Another great thing about this waterproof vibrator is that the lighter vibrations are perfect for teasing and foreplay while the highest vibrations are roller coaster high. The vibes also reverberate beautifully throughout the entire toy, and it’s nice and quiet too.

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The High Roller waterproof vibrator retails online for around $59.99.