CalIfornia Exotic sex toys always have easy to open packages and their products come with the batteries included. At just 3.5 inches the Crystal High bullet vibrator is small, and the circumference is 2 inches. It’s smooth and tapered at the top. The bottom has a push button control that lights up. It’s made of hard plastic and is non-porous so you can sterilize it by soaking in a 10% bleach solution or wipe it down with alcohol. Regular cleaning after each use can be done with soap and water. The sparkly rhinestones are also no doubt made of plastic.

This little bullet vibrator is cute, pointy, and probably best for your clit, since it’s pretty small, but it could definitely be used to tease your nipples or tickle you delightfully all over your body. Crystal High intensity is a very discreet, and powerful bullet vibrator, that you can just put in your purse and travel with anywhere. It’s a particularly good bullet vibrator for a beginner, because the size is not in any way intimidating. Be sure to read the instructions before you begin or you could be confused by the controls. Because of its size, it’s really best as a warm up toy before lovemaking rather than for the main course. The rubber O-ring around the battery chamber helps to ensure the batteries remain waterproof and the Crystal High will work just as well in water. The texture of this waterproof vibrator is smooth, so the feeling is mostly just slippery vibrations! This toy would be good for any “skill level. The “shaft” is long, but its diameter is not so large. The end of it is kind of pointy but it’s like it’s designed for a really tiny clit.

Easiness of cleaning

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Overall, its small size makes it ideal for a beginner, while it still packs sufficient power to be a good bullet vibrator to take on your travels. At $18.99 it’s an affordable vibrator too.