Toy King Of The Female Jungle

When it comes to finding a good vibrator to review, the first thing I like to go by is the name. After all, the first thing I see is the name, and a name like the G5 Vibes Tiger makes me think three things: wild, orgasms, and power. I decided to do my own G5 Vibes Tiger review, I found two out of the three were true, which was good enough for me.

G5 Vibes Tiger

The G5 Tiger Vibrator is definitely wild. The ribbed shaft not only acts as “stripes” for the Tiger, but it also adds great sensations during insertion and removal (and thrusting!). The end has a good, well rounded curve to it so that it gently hits the G-spot without being uncomfortable to get in and applies just the right amount of pressure when fully inserted. Of course this might vary from woman to woman so be gentle on your first test run.

Because of the multiple speeds available for the vibrations, the ribbed shaft, and the curved tip, the G4 Vibes Tiger also provides lots of orgasms. For women who enjoy a good clitoral orgasm, the various vibrations along with the soft feel of the silicone are great for playing with the clit. Women who can handle a G-spot orgasm can combine penetration of the curved head with one or all of the vibration levels to reach climax. There are lots of combinations and possibilities.

However, the possible downside of this G5 Vibes Tiger review that I have to give is the power of the Tiger. It has a good selection of vibrations, true, but in order to keep as quiet as it does the amount of power it has isn’t very high. Personally, I can get by without having a jet engine in me, but if you’re the kind of woman who needs force, it’s not for you. Every other woman will love this, though!

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