Thumbs Up Review for Wild G

The Wild G has similarities to a Rabbit vibrator not limited to a clitoral stimulator attached as part of the toy but because it lacks the “ears” of a Rabbit specifically it can’t really be classified as a Rabbit vibrator, and that’s okay. A standard review of a Rabbit would be boring and dull but a TPC Silicone Wild G review has more to say. It’s time to put away the rubber duckies at bath time and pull out the Wild G.

Wild G

One of the best features of the Wild G is its slightly curved head which bends at such a unique angle that it hits most women’s G-spots with ease. If it doesn’t quite angle right to hit the G-spot a simple push of the button on the handle and the head rotates either forwards or backwards, ensuring that it provides full stimulation to the G-spot area. When the vibrations are on, the head also vibrates along with the rest of the toy to add to the sensations.

Even though this vibrator doesn’t have vibrating ears to massage the clitoris it does have soft silicone “teeth” that have different lengths providing different levels of stimulation depending on the angle. Also on the handle is a button that controls the vibrations with multiple speeds available so at the right angle and right speed all three “teeth” can be stimulating the clitoris while causing the entire erogenous area to vibrate.

Finally there’s the rotating beads and this review wouldn’t be complete without them. They too have multiple speeds available and provide excellent stimulation while the toy is fully inserted into the vagina. Add all of this to a bath time experience and a woman will be all kinds of wet. That’s it for our TPC Silicone Wild G review, hope it helped!

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