The Truth About Penises

Sex is something that most adults are familiar with. However, even though the act of sex is familiar, there are still a lot of things that remain unknown. With all of the gossip and myths that surround sex, separating the truth from fiction can be difficult. One of the most misunderstood things that have to do with sex is the male penis. There are so many jokes and other forms of gossip going around about this sexual organ that a lot of women do not know certain things about it that they should.

The Truth About Penises

1. The Penis CAN be broken. - Even though the penis does not contain any bones, it can be broken. These breaks are normally referred to as penile fractures. They can occur during rough sex or rough masturbation sessions. These fractures occur when the fibrous tissue that is around the penis experiences unexpected trauma. When the penis breaks, a large cracking sound can be heard. Once the cracking sound is heard, the male will immediately lose his erection and a large bruise will begin to appear.

2. Erections can happen at random times. - Normally when an erection occurs, it happens because the penis is either being physically stimulated or the males mind is being psychologically aroused in some way. But, erections do have the ability to happen randomly without these two situations playing a part.

3. The average male penis size is small. - There are a lot of guys that are obsessed with the size of their genitalia. In fact, most guys will generally think that their penises are too small and need to be increased in size somehow. But, the truth is the average penis size is actually between five to six inches in length. Even though men believe that they cannot please a woman if their penises are too small, they actually can. Take into account that the largest penis in the world is a little bit over thirteen inches, and the guy who owns it still lives at home with his mother.

4. Penis size cannot be predicted by the size of a guys hands or feet. - There are a lot of women that believe if a man has large hands and feet than he must have a large penis as well, this is not true at all. But, it is possible to predict the length of a mans penis based on his height. Men who are generally taller will have larger penises.

5. A wider majority of men are not circumcised. - Circumcisions are commonly practiced in the United States. More than 60% of the boys that are born in the United States are circumcised shortly after. However, outside of the United States there are not a lot of guys that are circumcised. Studies show that there are only 10-15% of men in the world that are circumcised. A lot of American women believe that circumcision is normal, and would never think about having sex with a man who wasn’t circumcised, but the truth is the majority of men in the world have not been clipped or snipped.


It’s true what they say – ‘it’s not the size of the penis, but how you work it!’Liz, Tennessee

I heard that ‘pop’ sound having sex with my boyfriend one day. He was sore for days, but we never knew what it was. Thanks!Amber, South Carolina

I’ve always been a firm believer you can tell a lot about a guys penis by his fingers…Jessica, New York

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