The Pocket Fairy: Big Power, Small Package

A lot of people rave about the Hitachi magic wand vibrator, so I wanted to try one like it for myself. The only problem I had was that the Hitachi always seemed way too big to be comfortable to use. That’s why I was so glad that I stumbled on the Pocket Fairy. This thing is quite literally a mini version of the Hitachi wand – it has a very similar design and a whole lot of power for something so tiny. You may be tempted to call it “cute” but once you read what it can do in this Fairy Pocket Mini review.

The Pocket Fairy

Let’s review the features of this neat little toy. Like other vibrators of its type, the Pocket Fairy is all about clitoral stimulation. It uses a powerful vibration motor to deliver incredibly intense sensations directly to your most sensitive spot. Of course, it can be used to stimulate other parts of your body, but keep in mind that it’s not really designed to be inserted like a traditional vibrator.

The Pocket Fairy is about 5 inches long and is quite light. It has a slightly flexible head which allows it to move around as you apply pressure from different angles. The head of the toy is a bit firmer than other toys like the Hitachi wand, but I can’t imagine that will really change how pleasurable the toy is.

Basically, this toy is perfect for anyone who wants a lot of power but not a big bulky toy. I hope this Pocket Fairy Mini review has helped point you in the direction of this great little find – give it a try!

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