The Most Popular Practiced Fetishes

Would you consider yourself to be a kinky person? Do whips and chains excite you? Even if this type of thing is not your style, BDSM and other types of kinks and fetishes are becoming more and more prevalent these days. We compiled a list of the top ten kinks and fetishes out. Do you have a hidden fetish that you are scared to admit to?

The Most Popular Practiced Fetishes

1. Feet fetishes - People who have this type of fetish are sexually aroused by a woman’s feet. Shoe fetishes and feet fetishes tend to get mistaken for one another. People who have shoe fetishes are attracted to women’s feet when they are in shoes, people with feet fetishes are attracted to feet, period. Individuals that have this type of fetish will normally be seen licking, sucking, or doing something sexual with a woman’s feet.

2. Role playing fetishes - Who hasn’t thought about role playing from time to time as a means to spice up a sexual encounter? Role playing is one of the most popular fetishes, and can be done by anyone who wants to add a little pizzazz to their sexual encounters. Some of the most popular role playing skits are teacher and naughty student, sexy cop and criminal, and of course the hot nurse and ailing patient combo.

3. Breast fetishes - It is no secret to any women that there are a lot of guys that have breast fetishes. There are a lot of guys that cannot get enough of women with large breasts. Tons of pornographic films are dedicated to this type of fetish. Nipple fetishes also fit under the same category as breast fetishes, because most guys that love breasts also have some type of interest in nipples as well, but not all men share this same mutual interest.

4. Butt fetishes - Butt fetishes are as common as breast fetishes. Guys and gals that have these fetishes tend to like nice, round butts. A lot of butt guys are most likely to enjoy anal sex as well.

5. Public sex fetishes - Public sex fetishes can also be put into the same category as a voyeur fetish to a certain extent. Obviously, as the name of the fetish pronounces, people with this type of fetish like to have sex out in the open.

6. Shoe fetishes - Not to be mistaken with feet fetishes, shoe fetishes are also a common fetish that a lot of guys have. Shoe fetishes are specifically centered on shoes, not the feet that are inside of them. High heels tend to be the number one shoe worshiped in this type of fetish.

7. Piercing and Tattoo fetish - Most people who have a piercing or tattoo will generally flock towards other people who have the same interest in this type of body art. People who have body art are also more commonly attracted to other people who share their interest.

8. Domination fetishes - Domination fetishes are the first types of fetishes that people start to think about whenever they hear the words BDSM muttered. This type of fetish involves one person showing their dominance over the other.

9. Rough sex fetishes - There are some women that love to be treated like bad girls. Rough sex fetishes normally involve a separate party slapping, spanking or biting at them. Hard and fast sex also falls under this category.

10. Fabric fetishes - Believe it or not, there are some people that are turned on by specific fabrics. This fetish is not as uncommon as you may have assumed it to be.


There’s a few of these I want to experience, but I’m shy to talk to my partner. Carrie, California

I love role playing, especially with the help of cute costumes from the adult sex shops. Jessica, New Mexico

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