The Main Things A Woman Needs To Enjoy Masturbation

Masturbation is something that every woman does, but few admit to. In order for masturbation to feel better than a mans touch, you need the right equipment. Don’t use your hands, when there are so many items out there that can give you incredible orgasms that leave you bed stricken. Here are ten things that no woman should be without.

The Main Things A Woman Needs To Enjoy Masturbation

1. Lube - There are a lot of girls that believe that they don’t need to use lube when masturbating. We are lucky enough to the extent that our bodies have the ability to naturally lubricate themselves; but lube can add to the pleasures of masturbation. Put a little bit of lube on your favorite vibrator and you will be pleasantly surprised how incredible the toy will feel.

2. Condoms - When you think about masturbating, you’re probably not going to think about getting condoms. What is the need for condoms, when there is no man to wear them? Condoms will make cleanup after masturbation easier; especially, if you slip a condom over your favorite sex toy.

3. G-spot vibrators - Every girl needs to have at least one g-spot vibrator in her arsenal of adult sex toys. Once you have discovered how incredible a g-spot orgasm can feel, you will want to simulate that feeling as much as possible.

4. Clitoral vibrators - If you have never had a clitoral orgasm, the best way to obtain one is by using a clitoral vibrator. It is possible to get g-spot vibrators that have additional clitoral attachments on them. But, having a clitoral vibrator will provide you with a ton of pleasure.

5. Waterproof vibrator - There are a lot of ladies that choose to masturbate in the shower. Masturbating in the shower is private and it gives you an escape away from everything. In order to achieve an incredible orgasm when masturbating in the shower, use a waterproof vibrator.

6. Travel vibrators - Sometimes women have to travel, either for work or enjoyment. Having a vibrator that you can take with you on your travels will give you the ability to have a release while you’re away from home. Just because you are away from home, doesn’t mean that you can’t still masturbate.

7. Butt plug - If you are the type of girl that loves anal sex, then you need to keep a butt plug in your arsenal of toys. Even though anal play is not something that every girl thinks about, introducing a butt plug into your bedroom will intensify your orgasms.

8. Erotic novels and magazines - Women are usually not that much into porn, they like reading things to give themselves in mood. Women are mentally sexually stimulated, while guys are more visual creatures. A few erotic novels or magazines will help you get yourself in the mood

9. Comfortable clothes - You don’t want to masturbate in your work clothes, so it’s important that you have something that you can easily slip on and off while masturbating. Lingerie is always a good thing to keep on hand, regardless if you have a man or not.

10. Something to relax with - A lot of women come home from work and their minds are racing with what they have to do the very next day. You cannot appreciate masturbating until you have dumped your brain. You will need something that will allow you to relax; maybe a bubble bath or a glass of wine will do the trick.


I love all these ideas, except lingerie? Can’t a girl just get naked and feel sexy that way? Siobhan, Texas

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