The G-Pamper – The G-Spot Massage Technique That Pampers Your Most Erogenous Zone

Level of difficultyDedicated beginner or Intermediate
Lube requiredGel is better
Recommended LubeV cooling
Recommended ToyCouture Collection Inspire

One thing you will discover about your body is that you need a little warm-up to really be in the mood for ejaculation and orgasm. Thus, the ‘G-pamper” g-spot massage technique is a great way to give yourself a little time for foreplay. It’s a good idea to massage your whole body gently with lots of oil to relax your body and feel self-intimacy. Do this for about 10 minutes and try to focus more on sensual areas like the breasts, hips, neck, and legs. Make sure to feel the pleasure out of it.

When you’re starting to feel the pleasure, it’s time to get in position. Make sure your position is comfortable – you can lie on your back, kneel, sit, anything that would make you feel comfortable. Once you’ve found that perfect position, you can continue doing your g-massage but on a different stroke. Insert one or two fingers just a couple of inches to your vagina. You should be able to feel a spot just on the vaginal front wall that is more ridged or rougher than the areas surrounding it. That is your g-spot! You can confirm it if it grows in size as you continue doing your G-pamper g-spot massage. Now, as your g-spot enlarges, try to increase the pressure of g-massage slowly and keep it constant. This will make you feel a slight urge to urinate. Just go on until it gives way to a satisfying and intensifying pleasure and that’s what you call g-spot female ejaculation!

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