The Best Toys For Long Distance Relationships

Getting involved with someone who lives far away is never easy, particularly if your distance spans an ocean! Not being able to meet for dinner after a long day of work or hold hands in the park every weekend can be disappointing, but it does make the time you can spend together even sweeter.

The Best Toys For Long Distance Relationships

Another area where long distance relationships can be difficult is in the bedroom. The distance can be frustrating, particularly for those with a high sex drive. Fortunately, technology now makes it easier to go beyond old-fashioned phone sex. Video chats allow you to see one another, and there's a new generation of toys designed to make long distance encounters sizzle. Although mutual masturbation can't replicate the feeling of lying in one another's arms afterwards, it's the next best thing to physically being together.


There are now adult toys from The Discount Adult Shop and other online shops which can be used by both you and your partner at a distance for an interactive experience. One recent example of this trend is the Mojowijo. There are two parts to this toy, including a pink vibrator for you and a black vibrating toy for your partner, which wraps around the penis to simulate a feeling of oral sex. You plug these into your computer or Nintendo Wii, connect over Skype with the right software, and then you can start to play. Unlike regular masturbation, you don't control your own toy. Instead, you can control your partner's so that you can have a more interactive experience together.


An even more futuristic set of toys is available from the LovePalz brand, and goes by Zeus and Hera. This pair of toys allows you to connect with your partner over Skype, just like the Mojowijo. However, instead of controlling the movement manually these toys are meant to simulate your own body's actions, causing a more in sync experience. As you move with your own toy, the device will send these reactions to your partner's over the internet. This can create an even greater feeling of intimacy, with both you and your partner matching speeds and pressure. The toys are packaged in sleek, futuristic containers with air pumps for the men and vibrating dildos for the women.

Keep the Fire Alive

Managing to have your physical needs met in a long distance relationship typically requires a willingness to experiment and get a little creative. New toys like these allow you to connect with your partner for an increasingly realistic mutual masturbation experience. Although nothing compares to being together in real life, this can be an exciting way to spice up your long distance love affair and stay connected.

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