Ten Masturbation Techniques To Try At Home

Masturbation is something that hardly any women discuss, but every woman engages in. Regardless if you are crunched for time, or have all of the time in the world to concentrate on your self pleasuring act, this list will provide you with a method that you can use to maximize the benefit of your orgasms. Take some time to analyze these top ten masturbation tips for women, and see which tips you can apply to your masturbation sessions.

Ten Masturbation Techniques To Try At Home

1. The Clitoral Pat - The clitoral pat is common in pornographic films, but is not practiced by many women as a masturbation technique. When doing the clitoral pat, you will place your pointer finger and your middle finger on top of your clit. Gently pat your clit, like you are patting the head of your dog. Feel free to change the speed and pressure at your convenience.

2. Milk Your Clit - Most women when they think of milking something, they instantly turn their attention to their mates, however it is possible to milk your clitoris as well. Take your pointer finger and your middle finger and place them on both sides of your clitoris. Move your fingers up and down, like you are milking the teat of a cow. You can change the amount of pressure and the speed to your personal specifications.

3. The Open Hand Squeeze - This masturbation technique sounds scarier than what it actually is. You are going to take the palm of your outstretched hand and place it on top of your clit. With your palm on top of your clit, pat your clit and push down at the same time. It is almost the exact same movement as rolling out dough with your hands.

4. The Rhythmic Pelvis - Use your fingers during this masturbation move, and place them wherever you feel comfortable. Slowly start pressing your pelvis up and down, while allowing your fingers the ability to explore your genital area. You will want to mimic the motion of having sex with a partner.

5. Fun In The Pool - Spread your legs wide open and position your body in front of one of the jets located on your pool. Make sure that you are standing far enough away from the jet, so the feeling is not uncomfortable; when you want to increase the intensity, move slightly forward.

6. Shower Head Fun - Grab a hold of your handheld showerhead when taking a shower. Take the showerhead off of its clips and place it in front of the clitoris. Use your opposing hand to rub your clit, while the showerhead does the rest.

7. Bathtub Masturbation - Start with a dry bathtub, position yourself so that your clit is placed directly underneath the faucet. Turn the water to your bathtub on, and let the water flow. Keep yourself underneath the flowing water until you climax.

8. Dig With Your Vibrator - For this masturbation move, you can use any toy that helps you reach climax. You will want to mimic a traditional digging motion with the toy. Make sure that you pay close attention to your clit.

9. Toothbrushes can be fun. - Grab a hold of an electric toothbrush, and push the backside pulsating section of the toothbrush on your clit. Touch your clit gently first, and then as you get excited start to apply more pressure.

10. Fun with videogames. - Your vibrating controller on your Playstation can turn into your next masturbation toy. Use the backside of the controller the same way you used your vibrating toothbrush.


I don’t have an electric toothbrush, but my roommate does – is that wrong? lol Hannah, Kentucky

I’ve already done 1 through 7. Amazing tips! Too bad I don’t have a playstation…Ally, Rhode Island

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