Level of difficultyBeginners and up
Lube requiredNo
Recommended LubeLure for her
Recommended ToyColt Shower Shot

With a little imagination there are so many different options to achieve self-pleasure. A quick check online reveals an Aladdin’s Cave of sex toys designed to leave you gasping with delight, but you can be just as imaginative at home with everyday objects such as the bathtub faucet, hot tub, an unscrewed showerhead, and a lot more. As you may have already discovered, you can have a lot of fun just in the shower itself. And here we’d like to show you a way to have a lot of good clean fun. Take the time to plunge yourself into a watery-wow-wow-wow female masturbation orgasm.

The watery-wow-wow-wow female masturbation orgasm technique is easy to achieve and easy to disguise as part of your normal bathing ritual. You don’t require any toy or even any lubricant to stimulate you but water. All you need to do is turn on your shower and adjust it to your desired temperature. It doesn’t matter whether you like it cold or warm just as long as it’s enough to stimulate your body. Now it’s time to get on all fours! Find the perfect position so that the shower stream can tease your nipples and massage your ass at the same time. Now turn the faucet on to maximum. Lie on your back just underneath it. Feel the pressure as the water pulsates on your asshole. Allow it to massage and stimulate your clit until you reach the sweet and watery pleasure of female masturbation orgasm!