Level of difficultyMaster’s degree
Lube requiredDefinitely
Recommended LubePink Water
Recommended ToyJimmyJane Form 2 Clit Vibrator

No doubt about it, some girls like it big and in fact g-spot ejaculation can only occur for them when the object is sufficiently large to fill the entire vaginal cavity. These objects can be specially designed huge dildos or vibrators as well as vegetables such as cucumbers or bottles. Lubrication is essential when inserting such huge objects. To clarify, the G-Spot is an area, ranging in size from about a quarter to a silver dollar on the anterior wall of the vagina (behind the pubic hair), about 2 inches in. If stimulated correctly, the G-Spot can produce extremely intense orgasms.

In truth there is not a large queue of ladies hell bent in achieving g-spot ejaculation in this way – in fact more guys are interested to watch it than girls are interested to try it, rather like rubber-neckers who can’t help but stop and stare at a car crash. The reason why so many males are excited by girls’ g-spot ejaculating with large objects is anyone’s guess, but maybe they are simply stunned by the capacity of the vagina to take large objects on board.

If cucumbers and anything over twelve inches of searing pulsating throbbing dildo is not your thing, (and for most it is not) there are other ways to achieve highly satisfactory G-spot ejaculation. There are several powerful dildos and vibrators of more modest girth and length that can produce a rippling and repeating wave of g-spot ejaculations. There are also specialist g-spot gels that temporarily swell the g-spot, resulting in g-spot ejaculation while making love. Many women who have tried these gels have commented that, while hard to apply, the gel offers the most scintillating orgasms.

It does no harm to experiment with large objects, but if you do so, be sure to use a quality water based gel, and never take on board more than you can comfortably manage.