Level of difficultyUniversity
Lube requiredYes
Recommended LubeAdd magic lubricant
Recommended ToyMini Nipple Suckers

Of course there are some girls masturbating who like to do everything the hard way and this can apply to those that love to indulge in contortionist positions to achieve climax. These kind of techniques can work for you particularly if you like to have eye contact with your vagina during masturbation. It’s also a great way for gravity to put large breasts within easy reach of your mouth for caressing and sucking.

Girls masturbating in this way need to get as comfortable before applying and using these techniques. Girls masturbating using contortionist techniques will have discovered that suppleness plays a big part in the ability to enjoy this style of masturbation. You lie on your back then place your legs over your head, and for this it’s best to use the springy, comfortable support of a bed. The back wall of the bed can also be used for additional back support. The one thing you must have while adopting these techniques is absolute certainty that you are going to be alone. Girls masturbating stark naked with their ass in the air is not known to be a sophisticated look.

If while contorting you enjoy nipple masturbation you might use both your hands to stimulate your nipples with nipple tweaking or pulling the nipples. It’s easy to achieve because the hands are free and the breasts naturally gravitate towards your mouth. But to reach a higher level of nipple ecstasy you could try a nipple pump during the early stages to fully erect your nipples or you could try icing your nipples. Other great nipple stimulators include sucking and tongue teasing your nipples with your mouth, girls masturbating who use oral stimulation to the nipples find the effect soothing and at the same time stimulating. The level of self-stimulation of the nipples can be intensified until nipple orgasm is reached. During pure nipple masturbation don’t touch your vagina or clit, leave this until after the nipple orgasm has passed.