Stuck On The Sugar Pop

I wouldn’t normally do a review of a rabbit vibrator because they all usually seem the same, but after I used the Sugar Pop I figured it’d be a good choice to go over. It’s got a unique design, multiple settings, and I love the color. However, despite its ingenuity it does a lot of things wrong.

Sugar Pop Rabbit Vibrator

I’ll start the Sugar Pop Rabbit Vibrator review with what it does right. The Sugar Pop has two types of textures on it, a ridged head and a bumpy shaft. The ridge feels good when going in and it is a good texture for vibrations and rotations internally. The bumpy shaft adds an extra sensation as well, but doesn’t do anything extra when vibrating. With that said, being able to control both the vibrations of the Sugar Pop and the rotations in different speeds is pretty great.

Pretty great doesn’t cut it for this Sugar Pop Rabbit Vibrator review, though. The price is more than the standard Rabbit vibrator and while it has a couple good features, so do other Rabbits. The biggest downside to this toy it does not play well with others. Because of the material of the Sugar Pop, you cannot store it with other toys. It also takes four AAA batteries, which is a lot of battery for an average amount of power. Add on top of it all that it’s not even waterproof and I have to leave it at this toy is not worth the money. Get it when it’s on sale, but don’t pay full price!

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