Kathy’s online relationship with Mark was going incredibly well. He respected her, that was obvious. He was in awe of her intellect and her grasp of several subjects including but not limited to politics, religion, world affairs, global warming, race and ethnicity, even music, cars, internet and wines.

She had proved herself knowledgeable, informed, and she had impressed him with her eloquently constructed arguments. No doubt about it, this guy had her down as cultured, educated and sophisticated.

And what she liked about Mark was that sex was not the first thing on the agenda. He wasn’t pushing to know her bra size, busting to know what color underwear she preferred. He hadn’t asked her any annoying questions about giving head and what she did on a first date. He treated her as an intellectual equal, which was just the way it should be. So when after their sixth extensive online chat he suggested a web cam session, she was comfortable to do so. She spent 15 minutes carefully applying her make-up and settled, after some experimentation, on a black top that while tight fitting was not too low cut. She wanted the way she presented herself off cam to be presented on cam; sophisticated, tasteful, a little bit sexy, smart and in control.

She liked the way Mark looked. She liked the fact that even though it was a weekend he was wearing a necktie and sport coat. She asked him if he was going somewhere, but no, this was his usual attire. Mark didn’t wear jeans, didn’t like tee shirts, he did, it transpired have some casual clothes, but they were just for Nantucket vacations.

Mark, it became clear, was going places. Not only that, Mark was not working his way up from the bottom, Mark’s family had money. In fact, Mark was from old money, a life of privilege, power and high expectations. This made Mark so much more than merely an internet buddy, Mark was serious marriage material. Mark was kind of cute in a very repressed ‘rod up his ass’ way, but Kathy could work on that.

After three hours of non-stop webcam chat, Mark announced he had a few things he had to attend to, but he would very much like to pick up on their scintillating conversation later in the day if Kathy was going to be around. Kathy was definitely going to be around. She would cancel everything else for the rest of the day to make sure of that. Meanwhile, while Mark was gone, there were friends down the Hall to catch up with and brag to. She dropped in for coffee in Suz and Carla’s room and when they asked how things were going; she couldn’t resist telling them about the way she had an aristocratic young WASP hanging on her every word, drinking from the cup of her dazzling intellectual superiority. Because when Kathy said he treated her as an equal, that was only a temporary arrangement, like other men in her life, her brother and her father; it would not be long before Mark was compliant and considerate to all her whims and wishes, because Kathy was so incredibly clever.

Kathy could see the hidden jealousy in the other girl’s eyes as she told them how they had met. Just a chance online encounter and she had managed to hook a whale. When most girls go online and get talking to a guy, he turns to be some out of work flunk with bad teeth and bad credit, sitting at the computer in his grubby tee shirt and pee stained pants. But Kathy hooked a man in the 0.1 percentile of affluence and family influence.

The very thought of it made her feel incredibly horny. Money and power were bigger turn-ons than romance or even raw sex. So after having successfully dropped the bitter bombshell, it was time to retreat to her room, bring out the dildo and enjoy a thumping good orgasm.

Kathy had thrown off all her clothes and now she squirmed on her bed. Her taut body was on fire with pleasurable sensations making her nipples erect and deliciously sensitive as her pussy throbbed, making her pussy lips slide together sending electric pulses through her engorged clit. The dildo worked its magic; she only needed a low vibe to bring herself off, as she played it in and out of her hot wet pussy.

The thin sheet covering her slipped off the bed, unnoticed in the heat of passion. She spread her legs far apart, the black 10″ dildo teasing her to the brink of insanity. She writhed on the bed enveloped in sexy warm thoughts of wealth and privilege, getting her closer and closer to the precipice of a fabulous and richly deserved climax.

Kathy heard a ping, then another ping. It was a familiar sound, where was it from? Was it her cellphone? No it didn’t make that noise. Even over the insistent penetrating buzz of the vibrator she heard the ping again. Then she remembered what it was. It was the ping of her Yahoo Messenger trying to get her attention.

She dropped the dildo and lurched towards the computer. Just as she reached her desk she caught a brief glimpse of a hand reaching up to switch off a web cam. There was a note left on her YM. She read it and every muscle froze in horror.

It was direct, icy and deadly: ‘You may be smart but you’re the first lady I’ve met dumb enough to leave her web cam on while doing what you’re doing. See ya. Mark.’