“We need to make haste now ladies, we must be out of the Deadwater Forest before nightfall” The carriage driver looked about him anxiously as he mounted the perch of the Clarence carriage. There were still two hours before darkness fell, but he knew well enough not to be in these woods when the thin shafts of sunlight were replaced with the eerie pallor of the moon.His two beautiful young charges did not share his concerns, they were warm and content within the cosy carriage, with thick blankets to stave off the cold. They were busying themselves for the two hour journey that would take them to their aunt’s mansion.

A cold fog rose from the ground as the carriage driver corralled the horses and set a lively pace through the winding forest pathways of tall and spectral pines. Over an hour into the journey and the girls were enjoying themselves with guessing games and conversations of who might take their fancy at the forthcoming ball to be held at their aunt’s magnificent house. The carriage driver began to fancy that they might make it without incident, but almost as soon as the thought had crossed his mind the carriage ran over a branch lying in their path.

The front wheels managed to surmount the branch without a problem, but the axle of the rear wheel cracked and the carriage bumped and swayed precariously. The driver cursing, knew there was no choice but to pull up and inspect the damage. The ladies were complaining about the bumpy road as he passed them to make his way to the rear. He knew even before he got there that there was little he would be able to do to repair it this night. Pulling his cloak closely around him he began to feel the chill of night descending. He observed the moon high in the clouds casting its ghostly light across the forest trees.

It would not be long now, he had to try and hide the carriage as best he could, get it off the path, try to hide from those that made these desolate woods their nightly domain.

“Ladies” he said, trying to keep his voice calm “I want you to be as quiet and still as possible and to extinguish the light in your carriage. I will move us to safety on foot and we will fix the wheel in the morning.”

The girls were still complaining about this frustrating and inconvenient plan when they all heard it. The mournful wail of wolves in the distance; it chilled the bones and froze the blood. The driver abandoned his attempts to hide the carriage and stepped inside, the carriage quickly extinguishing the lights. “Keep still and quiet” he urged the ladies “And they might yet pass us by.”

“Who are they, Barker?” asked the older of the two sisters.

“Why the wolves Miss, the ghost wolves…they are not of this world and not of the next.”

The answer shocked her, but before she could answer the horses became distinctly unsettled, whinnying and bucking.

Moments later they heard the distinct patter of paws outside the carriage; there was much sniffing and panting around the wheels, and then the door itself. Suddenly the shadow of a wolf’s head peered through the carriage window, it’s burning fearsome eyes immediately focusing on his prey; the two young ladies. The girls screamed, and this was all the encouragement the wolf seemed to need. Was it a trick of the light or did he suddenly shift shape to some manner of human form? Within seconds the carriage door was opened and this half man half beast grabbed the ladies screaming from the cosy confines of the carriage and threw them out on to the cold hard ground of the forest floor. The carriage driver, to his credit, tried his best to protect them, but his efforts were futile. With a violent slashing of claws the man wolf reduced the carriage driver’s face and neck to shreds, and with one hungry gulp his throat was ripped away and swallowed. The man slumped upon the carriage floor.

Grabbing a blanket, the man-wolf laid it on the ground and bade the girls lie on it. Then he set about them with an unbridled and brutal lust, ripping their dresses and bodices from them, tearing away the petticoats and lacy drawers that covered their modesty. A mighty paw pinioned one girl, while his tongue lapped greedily at the privates of the other. Her screams turned to sounds of gurgling reluctant pleasure as the tongue lapped at her soaking pudenda.

With his other paw he started to stimulate the clitoris of the younger girl, trapped as she was and helpless to resist his every move. Their beautiful white breasts could be plainly seen in the pale moonlight, even the rosy-tipped nipples could be distinguished as they rose and fell in undulating and fearful palpitations against their torn covering. The shape of the legs and thighs, even the curling hair that overhung their delicious ripe pussies was clearly visible.

The beast was about to force himself upon the older sister when the other men-wolves found him. Vicious in-fighting for the right to take the two girls ensued. But eventually all had to stand aside and relinquish their right to the pack leader. The leader sniffed and lapped at the genitals of both of his new conquests. Each girl trembled in fear for what was about to follow, but to their surprise he did not force himself upon them.

However just as the girls began to relax, without warning he bit deeply into the neck of the older sister, and she cried out in ecstasy. With a flick of his head he turned and did the same to the younger sister, blood dripping from his fangs. The other wolves howled and licked their lips in undisguised envy. Now they were his to do with as he wished; eager she-wolves who would forever run from the light in this wicked and haunted forest of eternal night.