Starting Another Relationship Don’t Set Yourself Up For Failure

If you’re like many women out there, you’ve been in and out of relationships for years, but they all seem to end with a break up. What is going on? You want to be in a relationship so bad, right? But do you even know why?

Starting Another Relationship – Don’t Set Yourself Up For Failure

Sometimes women get stuck in rut looking for any relationship to be in because they feel it’s better than not being in any relationship at all. But is that true? If you’re about to embark on another relationship, how can you make sure this one turns out better than the last?

Tips for Starting Another Relationship

1. Know What You Want

You know you want a relationship, but what qualities do you want in a relationship? Do you want someone to take care of you? Do you want to find your best friend? Sit down with a glass of wine, and make a list of what you really want in a relationship.

2. Why Do You Want It?

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what you think you want in a relationship, you need to understand exactly why you want it. If you can’t think of a good reason behind every point you’ve written down, maybe you need to scratch it off the list. If you want someone who knows how to cook – is that really important, or maybe just an added bonus? Only keep the points that are really important to you, or you’ll be setting goals that may be unreachable.

3. Do You Understand What is a Good and Bad Relationship?

Make sure you have an understanding of what good and bad relationships consist of. Take a look at relationships of close friends and family. What makes their relationships good and bad? What have they told you about their relationships that make them happy or sad? Sometimes the excitement of a new relationship overshadows some of the bad qualities and you put up with them just because you’re excited about the relationship.

4. Do You Know When to End a Relationship?

Most relationships are great in the beginning, but some can quickly deteriorate. If you allow yourself to get too excited at first, you may let a relationship last longer than it really deserves. Getting out of a relationship when it’s just beginning is much easier than if it’s been dragged out. Check your new relationship with your list of things you need, and if it’s not matching, get out fast before too many feelings are on the line.

5. How Important Is Sexual Attraction?

So you have a type of guy, physically, that you always go for. You need to ask yourself – how’s that working for you? Try dating outside your type. Sexual attraction can grow with time. When you date someone new, give them time to show their true self. Their personality begins to shine, and your sexual attraction may increase. Don’t allow yourself to be too superficial.

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