Sometimes Jealous Men Become Controlling. Is It Happening To You?

Everybody gets jealous sometimes. When your man gets jealous because he just met your co-worker who is hotter than Brad Pitt and 6 years younger, it can actually be an ego-booster. He actually thinks you have a chance with this guy! Thanks Babe!

However, jealousy can easily get out of hand to become controlling. This often happens over time, and you may not see it evolving. Here are some clues that your man is TOO jealous; your man is controlling.

You Want Everyone

I’m not saying you do actually want everyone, but he thinks you do. I have first-hand experience with this one. Say you’re sitting in the movie theater before the movie starts. You’re sitting near the back, and another couple walks in. You watch them move to their seats, and he says “Oh, you’re into that guy are you? Quit staring. You want me to leave?”. You might reassure him that you don’t want that guy, you were just ‘people watching’. If this type of behavior is going on, you might as well never go out in public together. This is not jealousy. Your man is controlling and you don’t need it.

Forbids You to Talk to Other Men

Many men and women are friends with no sexual side to the relationship. If you have male friends, it’s easy to understand how it may make him uneasy when you go out one-on-one with them. This is understandable, and there are ways to ease his insecurities. However, if he outright forbids you to see or talk to them, we have crossed the line from your man being jealous. Your man is controlling.

He gets Jealous of Your Parents/Family/Friends

This is one of the biggest signs that he has crossed onto the controlling side. While it is more understandable that he may be jealous of your male friends or good-looking guys you run into in public, it not acceptable for him to be jealous of any relationships with your parents, friends and family.

These people are the support system of your life and will be there even if one day he is not. He may start to say things like “it seems like you love your Dad more than me” or “why do you always call your sister before me?”. It is okay to love your family and friends. He should not be jealous. At this point, your man is controlling.

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