You’ll be addicted to the Ladygasm Vice!

The Ladygasm Vice is one of the newest and most innovative sex toys for women in 2012. It takes on the appearance and function of a rabbit vibrator or rabbit dildo, but is visually far more pleasing. Like a regular rabbit vibrator, it is comprised of a relatively long shaft, with a clitoral stimulator attached. But unlike a rabbit vibrator, the manufacturer has built in several luxurious extras that left me pleasantly surprised. The new trend in women sex toys is silicone construction, as it is the safest, most comfortable, and most sanitary material for these types of toys.

In that department, the toy does not disappoint. It is made from the same medical grade silicone as Lelo toys – except the material is a bit softer and more flexible. The most innovative thing about this toy is that there are TWO motors – one in the head, and one in the clitoral stimulator. Surprisingly, for a toy with two motors, its seriously quiet. The motors can be used independently or together simply by pressing the mode-change button on the handle. That’s a super useful feature that allows women to use the toy in a way that best suits them anatomically.

And, I almost forgot to mention – the toy is fully rechargeable, and its possible to charge it hundreds of times, thereby saving dozens of batteries. The Ladygasm company told me it should hold its charge for more than 2 hours of use, but I didn’t test it for 2 hours yet, so I can’t confirm it. They also told me its supposed to be waterproof, and I haven’t tested that either. If any of you have bought it, please email me a report after you play with it in the shower or tub.


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