I went to lunch with my girlfriend a few weeks ago who was about to celebrate her 10th year wedding anniversary and is becoming a little worried about her sex life; she told me that her husband doesn’t like to let her play with women sex toys – ever! She is quite frustrated because her husband is very conservative and doesn’t like some of the sex toys she has shown him. While she uses a vibrator herself (secretly..shh) she wants to have a sex toy she can use with her husband that he will enjoy using too.

After listening to her, I suggested that she take a look at the Ladygasm Hitachi massager: a very popular device that has been used for years by many couples to enhance their sexual experiences. She really liked the fact that doctors have recommended this and that it can be used all over the body not just on the genitals. After looking at the device online and seeing the easy to operate controls, she felt confident that this was a device her husband with enjoy using because it was very innocent looking. Although it is a bit larger than the typical sex toy, this is the reason that many couples prefer it; it looks similar to a device that used massage therapy.

About two weeks later my friend called me so excited that I could hardly understand what she was saying. After I got her to calm down, she told me that not only did her husband use the vibrator to relieve the tension in his shoulders and lower back but also did the same for her and then went further to explore how the sensation would feel on her pubic area. She told me that after she experienced her orgasm he allowed her to use the Hitachi massager on him in the same way. After a few minutes of massaging his penis she said he had the stiffest erection he had experienced in months and they had the best sex that they had had all year. Needless to say, they are now using the Ladygasm Hitachi massager regularly.


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