The Ladygasm people sent me over one of their newest sex toys for women – a Ladygasm Colibri – for me to try out and write about. I’m normally partial to a g spot vibrator, but I was excited to give this one a try. The box it came in was pretty nice – heavy duty cardboard type material, with a nice space inside carved out for the toy to fit into. It’s rechargeable too, so there’s a charger included, and they even give a little storage bag. The storage bag is lame, but it’s a nice gesture.

I charged it for about 45 minutes and then played with the buttons. I observed at first that the material it was made from was of a very high quality – soft – flexible – from what I understand – easy to properly clean! The toy did not come with an instruction manual – but luckily it was simple to operate, so no manual was needed. You just press up and down to change the modes, and left and right to change the strength of the vibration. I should also mention that it was super quiet – same as a Lelo.

I then, of course, gave it a try. Lets just say that they got the anatomical measurement exactly correct. I used it to stimulate my clitoris from several different angles and even inserted the top part of it a bit. I don’t know if its designed that way, but it looks a bit like a tongue, and feels like one too. I can say, hands down, that I highly recommend this toy.


My photos of this item