Most sex toys for women focus on the clitoris and for good reason – its the keystone of most womens sexual experiences. The BCurious Clit Vibrator certainly took that into account in this innovative and stylish design. Unlike rabbit vibrators which offer interior and exterior clit simulation, this is perfect for women who can orgasm only from external stimulation. Female sex toys seriously changed with the invention of this one!

This vibrator fits snugly into the curves of your pubic area and is made of hypoallergenic silicone material to avoid unpleasant physical reactions that are quite common by using latex products. This vibrator is totally waterproof so that you can indulge your sexual fantasies in the shower or the bath; which was great for me because I totally enjoy masturbating in the bath and it has been very difficult to find waterproof sex toys that really deliver the kind of stimulation that I desire.

I liked the fact that this vibrator comes into two different colors and is shaped to fit a woman’s hand comfortably or can be used hands free. When it comes to the level of vibration that really turns you on, you have seven different power settings to choose from. Although this vibrator works with a very powerful motor it is very quiet when it’s operating.

The other nice thing about this vibrator is that it is completely chargeable, making it very energy efficient because you no longer have to purchase batteries. That made me really happy because when I used battery operated vibrators before I could never tell when the power with quit; sometimes this would happen right in the middle of my masturbation and would really frustrate me.

Thankfully I have not experienced anything but sexual satisfaction and intense pleasure from using the Bcurious Clitoral Vibrator. Whenever I masturbate I know I will be thoroughly satisfied because it’s fully charged and make you go for as long as I want to play. This is one vibrator that most women will find comfortable to use because of how well it’s designed and because you don’t have to use your hands to enjoy the pleasure: You simply turn it on and put it in place lay back and savor the orgasms.