Sex Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle

When you’re sexually aroused, the last thing that you are thinking about is boosting your bodies immunity, or staying in shape. However, sex does offer both of these health benefits. You could possibly think of sex the same way that the old nineties commercials portrayed milk, sex does a body good.

Sex Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle

How Does Sex Promote A Healthy Body?

One of the main health benefits of engaging in sexual intercourse is to alleviate stress. Sex has the ability to lower your blood pressure, as well as reduce the amount of stress that you feel. Studies were conducted, where twenty four women and twenty two men were asked to keep records of their sexual activities, researchers introduced all test subjects to different stressful situations, and paid close attention to the way that their bodies responded to the stress that they were being put under.

The people, who had a fair amount of sexual intercourse, were able to react to stress a lot better than those who did not engage in any type of sexual interaction with an outside partner. The subjects that engaged in frequent intercourse had lower blood pressure and were able to cope with the various stressful tasks that were laid out in front of them in a more proactive manner.

Sex can boost a human’s immune system drastically. You don’t have to engage in a sexual activity every single day in order to witness positive results. Having sex one or two times per week will release a higher level of antibodies into your system that can help protect you against colds and other types of infections. The antibody, known as immunoglobulin A or IgA is responsible for keeping humans healthy. Sex releases this antibody and can help you restrain from illnesses and infections that could be minor or severe.

Sex is a great way to burn calories. By having sex for thirty minutes at a time, you will burn eighty five or more calories. Even though this number may not sound large, it will only take forty two half hour sessions to burn a total of 3570 calories which equates to one pound in weight loss. Doubling up your sexual sessions will equate to two twenty one hour sessions.

Sex forces its participants to work out their minds and their bodies at the same time. Doctors proclaim that sex is one of the best exercises that a human can engage in. Even though having sex alone is not going to give you the rock hard body that you may desire, it can help a little.

Contrary to popular belief, sex can actually improve heart health. Most people believe that as they age, they should cut back on the amount of sex that they have, because it could cause them to go into a stroke or suffer a heart attack if the sexual experience is too intense. Scientists have proved this assumption to be false, stating that men and women who participate in sexual activities at least twice a week are less likely to suffer from heart attacks or strokes in comparison to abstinent individuals.


It all makes sense – it’s a type of exercise when you think about it. Kristen, Tampa, Florida

I don’t really need more reasons to have more sex, but it doesn’t hurt – thanks! James, Ohio

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