Review The New Favorite Toy For Women

If you’re a fan of the weird and unusual meeting the common and classic, you might find that Luv It is a good toy for your collection. A basic Luv It Rabbit review of the style and design is enough to tell you that this isn’t an ordinary Rabbit vibrator even though it’s clearly built from the same original concept. Imagine all of the best things about a Rabbit, add on a new way to stimulate your clit, and you’ve got Luv It.

Luv It Rabbit

Luv It has changed the standard clitoral stimulator on the Rabbit, or the ears, and turned it into a multispeed vibrating and rotating crown that encases the clit. Surrounding the clit allows for the little nubs of the crown to apply direct pressure and full vibrations around the entire clitoris. This means maximum stimulation from vibrations and a full gentle massage on the clit. Since there are multiple speeds for the crown alone, it’s difficult to review the ability it has to get a woman off because it’s really the woman that has complete control over the orgasm, not the Luv It Rabbit vibrator.

Every good Luv It Rabbit review (or any woman’s toy review) also keeps in mind that while clitoral stimulation is amazing, it’s not all there is to a good time and the Luv It Rabbit does not disappoint in the shaft regards either. With a literal twist, this particular vibrator has a twist in the shaft and some flexibility meaning any woman using it gets a new sensation she’s never had before. Available at a decent price for high quality the Luv It is the new toy every woman loves.

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