Online Dating? Your Profile Is Important. Make Sure To Do It Right

Online dating is still a relatively new idea, and if you’re just starting out, you may have some questions. Creating a good profile is very important. Consider it your advertisement for Love. Be sure to put a lot of thought and care into creating it.

Follow these DO’s and DON’Ts to achieve maximum results from your online dating profile. DO have a profile picture. People who have a photo on their profile have much higher chances of getting noticed.

DON’T post a photo of you that you took in the mirror with your camera phone while trying to make a sexy face. That face may look sexy to you, but it may look scary to someone else.

DO write a detailed profile. Make sure it’s clear on your front profile page what you are looking for. If you are too vague, you may not catch anyone’s attention. Or, you may start receiving mail from people that aren’t looking for the same things as you.

DON’T write an entire biography of your life. While it is good to be detailed, try to keep your profile to only important things about you, like what you are looking for in life, characteristics about yourself that make you interesting. Men don’t have time to read a 20 minute article before they decide if they want to message you.

DO make a great headline or greeting. There are a lot of people on these sites, and you need something to grab their attention.

DON’T use clichés. Everyone loves taking long walks in nature. It doesn’t need to be said the first time you meet someone. If you hate taking walks on the beach or in nature, that may be more interesting.

DO Ask your friends and family for help writing your profile. They may come up with some outstanding qualities about yourself that you would otherwise never have thought of.

DON’T use abbreviations like ur, u, tlk, abt, idk. Use proper English as though you are speaking out loud. Not only do these abbreviations look stupid, but not everybody knows what they stand for.

DO Show your personality in your words. If you’re sarcastic, show it here. Give them a taste of who you are.

DON’T forget to spell check. This is your application for love. Show them that you are taking it seriously by writing well, and checking for errors.

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