Of Course Your Partner Means A Lot To You, But What Is Too Much?

Often times when people get into a relationship, they become attached at the hip. It’s an important part of getting to know each other, but eventually you need to put some balance back into your life, and be sure you have some time alone to pursue your own interests or spend time with your friends.

Not only do you need that time to do things on your own, relying on your partner to satisfy you completely is too much to ask, and it will put a lot of strain on your relationship. While your partner will want to fulfill as many needs for you as possible, you need to give him a break and fulfill some of your own needs.

Establishing a Good Balance in Your Relationship

When you love someone, it’s natural to want to be with them all the time, but you need to know where to draw the line. In order for a relationship to be healthy, you need to do some things on your own. Here are some ways to establish more balance in your relationship.

  • Spend Time With Your Friends – Before you got into a relationship, you probably spent most of your time with your friends. Now that you’ve found a wonderful man, you may find that friend-time decreases which is normal. However, you need to make sure you find time to be with your friends. Instead of 5 nights a week, even one is okay, just make sure it happens every week. Not only do you want to keep your friendship bonds strong, talking to your friends about your relationship helps put it into perspective for you, and outside views are often a good way to know if your relationship is as good as it seems.
  • Get a Hobby – While spending loads of time together is probably lots of fun, you still need to do something that you find interesting on your own. Maybe you like photography or art, or even just reading books. Enroll in some classes or take some time to do something you love to do. When you get together with your man later, not only will you be more excited to see him, you’ll have more to talk about too.
  • Take Time for Yourself – Even though you love spending time with your boyfriend and your friends, you need to take some time to just be alone. He should too. Being alone allows you to really assess your own feelings and learn to understand yourself. It also gives you time to unwind and let loose in your own way. Turning on the music and singing into your hairbrush is fun and stress-relieving, but you probably don’t do it that often in front of your boyfriend, so take the time to do those things that make you, well, You!

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