Mini Nipple Suckers

These mini nipple stimulators definitely do look a lot like large nipples! If you have sensitive nipples, or you just enjoy nipple stimulation, this is the toy for you. Nipple toys feel great either with your partner or just on your own. They also make a very convincing substitute for nipple stimulation with a pair of lips. After placing one on a nipple, you have to squeeze the mini nipple sucker quite firmly until the bulb collapses around your nipple. If it doesn't work immediately try wetting the skin around your nipples first and try squeezing again. It should wor, and then comes the best bit - your nipples are sucked and it feels fantastic. For even naughty fun try placing one of these little suckers over your clit and then squeeze, it sucks in the best way you can imagine.

Mini Nipple Suckers

Mini Nipple Suckers are made from smooth, pliable, phthalates-free PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is light, water resistant, long lasting and easy to care for. They can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. You won't need any lubricant with these for nipple stimulation as they are not meant to be inserted, lubricants are not necessary.

This nipple toy is from California Exotic, and is perfectly built for the job of intense nipple stimulation, and so simple a concept that they really ought to be on Dragons Den - although the results would definitely have to be post watershed viewing. They are designed to adapt themselves to just about any size nipple as long as the nipple extends enough for the bulb to grab hold. When squeezed, the nipple stimulation suckers molds themselves to your nipple size. Like all fun things, they take a little getting used to, but once you do they can provide hours of fun.

What's great about these mini nipple suckers is that they really do focus only on the nipples and not the other parts of your breasts, which some larger cupping devices think its fun to do. The cups fit closely around the nipples so that the nipple stimulation from this nipple toy are centered solely on the nipples. These are small but powerful and pleasurable suckers. Being as small as they are, they can easily get lost so you should ideally store them in a little pouch or small plastic bag . The mini nipple suckers are just $10 and well worth the investment.

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