Masturbation With A Partner

While masturbation is typically an activity you do on your own, it doesn’t have to be. Many men find it incredibly sexy to watch their partner touch themselves. And if you give it a try, you’ll likely find it incredibly sexy to be watched by your partner, too.

Masturbation with a Partner

The main thing you have to get over before you can enjoy masturbation with your partner is that feeling of self-consciousness. You may wonder how you look, or think that he is looking too hard at your body while you’re ‘putting on a show’. To combat this, try masturbating a few times in the mirror, to see that you look just as sexy as any porn star. This in itself can be a great trick for arousal during masturbation.

Get used to how your body looks and feels, and get ready to put on a show for your partner.

When Should I Introduce ?

There are many different situations where masturbation with or in front of a partner is an excellent addition do the bedroom.

An excellent example is when you’re on your period. Most couples don’t engage in sex during a woman’s period for many reasons. Because of this, a woman can become very horny during her period, and so can her partner. Put in a tampon, and put the string where it can’t be seen easily. Allow your partner to be naked too, and spread out for your man. Touch your clitoris, and massage your breasts in front of your partner. He will no doubt be turned on, and watching him touch himself simply from watching you will be such a turn on. You’ll both get a great orgasm for sure.

Another good time to introduce masturbation into a relationship is if one or both of you are having trouble climaxing during sex. Especially with a new partner, you may not know how to push all the right buttons for each other yet. Masturbating in front of your man will not only be erotic and feel great – he may be able to get some tips on what to do by watching how you pleasure yourself.

While both of the above reasons are good ones, the best reason of all is simply for pure, erotic pleasure! Porn is often a favorite pastime for couples, and if you are watching each other masturbate, it’s similar to watching live, in-house porn. Not touching your partner but watching him get aroused by watching you touch yourself is way better than porn! You’ll find that watching his face and listening to his erratic breathing will get you so excited. You can orgasm from masturbating, and then climb on to ride him to multiple orgasms.

Overall, while it may be daunting at first, ‘putting on a show’ while masturbating is incredibly sexy for both you and the person watching, and leads to intense and satisfying orgasms.

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