Masturbate With Class Using The Lelo Liv

When you think of sex the country of Sweden may come to mind; this country is noted for its down-to-earth attitude toward sexual relations. The Swedish company behind this tasty little vibrator that I just purchased certainly goes a long way to updating the way sex toys look, feel and operate.

Lelo Liv

I was very surprised when I first saw this vibrator— stunning! Completely different from the majority of sex toys I have seen before. It's totally rechargeable; no more worrying about running out of power in the middle of having an orgasm which I think is really cool. The Lelo Liv Vibrator is really a work of art; it has a very sensuous feel and I like the design of it as well. It's velvety smooth and flexible exterior the powerful mechanism that creates those wonderful vibrations that send me into orgasmic bliss every time I use it. And the gently curved shape is perfect for reaching my G-spot.

What I like about the Liv vibrator the most is that it's much easier to use than other G-spot vibrators and it operates a lot quieter too. The low level hum is not irritating; in fact it's a bit soothing. It's also sized for a woman's hand, and the silicone material has a luxurious feel. With the 4 levels of power controls, I was able to vary the amount of vibration to tease myself to several orgasms in one night.

I am really impressed with the way the Liv vibrator performed; I have already told some of my close friends about it and I am also interested to see what other sex toys this company has to add to my collection. I haven't had any problems with this one to date. My favorite color is pink, but it's nice to see that it also comes in blue and green.

My boyfriend and I have played with it at home, but I really liked the fact that I could tuck it into my overnight bag without worrying about it turning on, because of the locking device that's built into it. I definitely recommend this vibrator: it's great for when you're alone and horny or to add excitement with your partner.

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