Make Your Jealous Boyfriend Feel Secure

Most people have come across a jealous boyfriend. Sometimes he can tell you why he is jealous – because of a bad relationship in the past, or perhaps his parents always lied to him, etc. Whatever the reason is, if you love him, you need to help him work through this.

If he continues to be jealous, it may begin to erode the relationship. If you have a jealous boyfriend, here are some things you can do to ease his jealousy and help him realize that you only want him:

Include Him

If you have male friends, your jealous boyfriend will definitely feel uneasy. Invite him to dinner with your male friends. Write emails between all of you. Show him that he has nothing to worry about. He has no need to be jealous.

Be Conscious of your Body Language

Because your boyfriend is already prone to being jealous, be very careful of how you carry yourself when out in public, and at parties, etc. You may be a natural flirt, or very friendly in the check-out line. These are things that may set his alarm bells off. I’m not saying be rude, but tone it down a little for his sake.

Tell Him Why You Chose Him

When your boyfriend is jealous, it essentially means that somewhere inside him he gets a feeling that you will be more interested in someone else. Namely, whoever he is jealous of at the moment. To help ease his concerns, write him a note with all the reasons that you chose him over anyone else. Let him know the special qualities you love about him that nobody else holds. It will help boost his confidence, and when he does get jealous, remind him of one of the points in the note with a cute smile and squeeze on his leg.

Show Affection

Sometimes all it takes is a George Clooney look-a-like to walk into the party, and your man’s jealousy sirens are going off. He’s feeling insecure, and hopes you haven’t seen him. When this gorgeous guy comes around, especially if he is talking to you, make a point to show a bit of physical contact with your man. Be sure to introduce him, and then place your hand on his leg, or lean into him for a cuddle. This will help to reassure your man he’s the only one you want.

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