Luna Pleasure Bead System

The Luna Pleasure Bead System may be a few extra dollars than other beads, but it's worth the extra cost - in fact for exercising your vaginal muscles, this sex toy for women is worth its weight in gold. It's a silicone girdle with two differently weighted sets of dual ball spheres, you simply select the combination that suits you best. The idea is to make a combination that is heavier on the top or bottom, use only one bead, or start with two of the lighter and move to the heavier when you are more advanced. With many different combination possibilities, the Luna system becomes a truly interactive sex toy for women.

Luna Pleasure Bead System

The Luna pleasure bead system is made of a nonporous plastic which makes them easy to clean and care for, the beads slide into the silicone girdle with matching grooves to stay in place. What you do is simply insert the girdle into the vagina once your selected spheres are in place; each movement will cause the inner balls to spin in the spheres, which create amazingly erotic sensations. The two pink balls each weigh approximately one ounce, the blue balls are one and a third ounces each.

The first thing you'll notice when you get the Luna system is the beautiful storage box. It has the feel of a high end toy. There are two pink and two blue balls, and a "girdle" for holding the balls in place when in use. These toys actually come with an instruction manual but this women's sex toy is straight forward on how to use. Once inserted, the sensation is quite unlike any you will have experienced with a women sex toy, and it can be controlled by your own movements. You can experiment with different things while using them including oral sex and this sex toy actually enhances love making.

It's also possible to wear them while going which is definitely not something you can do with most sex toys for women Lelo from Sweden always care greatly about quality, so this new Luna system is another quality edition to their range.

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