Long Term Relationships Can Be A Pain In The Butt!

We all know that being in a long-term relationship can be a trying experience. You love your partner dearly, but living side-by-side another person can be difficult sometimes. You may wish that relationships were like romantic-comedies, where everyone laughs and loves, and everything always works out fine.

That’s not the case, unfortunately, and relationships need some tender loving care in order to survive.

How to Make a Relationship Last

Relationships are not all about love, kisses and laughter. In order for the relationship to work, both parties need to put in a little bit of work. Here are some tips to help make your relationship last:

  • Be Physical - Of course sex is an important aspect to a relationship, but being physical goes beyond the bedroom. Things like holding hands or rubbing his shoulders can really go a long way. These small signs show the other person you love them. You want to touch them and hold them – not always just have sex with them. Make a conscious effort to rest your hand on your partner’s leg, or put your arm around him when you’re standing in line together. Remind him you’re there, and that you care.
  • Spend Time Together - You probably already spend a lot of time together, rushing here or there, but what I mean is – spend quality time together. Find a hobby you both enjoy, or go for hikes, or take dancing or cooking classes together. Doing something together that you both enjoy, that’s outside of the daily routine, gives you the time to really enjoy each other’s company.
  • Communicate! - Communication is always so important. The problem is, as couples get more comfortable with each other, they often forget to communicate. You may assume he should just know how you feel, because you’ve been together so long. Don’t assume that. Keep the communication lines between the two of you open and flowing at all times.
  • Give & Take - Relationships are all about compromise. In a new relationship you may be very willing to compromise, and as the relationship gets older, you begin resenting having to give things up for him. You can’t do this. Relationships are always about compromise - giving and taking. Maybe it’s time to change around what you each give and take, but remember - as long as you’re in a relationship, there will be compromise.
  • Know it Won’t Always be Perfect - Like I said, you’re not living in a Hollywood Rom-Com. Relationships will have their ups and downs, and you need to expect that. You’re both human beings, and you both have feelings that can get hurt. No relationship will ever be perfect, but it can be great. Just respect each other, and take the time to be with each other, emotionally and physically.

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