Long-Distance Romance Can Work! Here’s How!

There are different types of long-distance relationships. They can vary from a 2-3 hour drive by car, or it may be a flight across the country or even to another continent to see your man of interest. Whether you met him while you were on holiday, he moved away for business, or it’s someone you met online, some couples will decide the romance is worth a shot, will engage in a long-distance relationship. Although we live in a technology savvy world with many ways to stay in touch, a long-distance relationship can often be very difficult to carry out.

Here are some tips to help keep your long-distance relationship a healthy one:

1. You Both Still Have Lives!

Finding enough time to talk and still manage your own lives can be tough; especially if there is a time difference. You need to make sure to talk at times that are convenient for both of you. If it’s 5pm for one person, and 9pm for the other, it may be convenient for the second person to chat as their night is winding down, but for the first person, it may mean turning down after-work drinks with friends and co-workers. It’s okay sometimes, but make sure it’s not too often. A social-life is a very important aspect of any healthy person, and compromising it will only make the relationship deteriorate – and quickly!

2. Trust Him

Trust in any relationship is often the hardest aspect, so trusting someone who is not in the same place as you is not, surprisingly, a lot more difficult. Make sure to set up guidelines regarding what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Don’t leave any areas left up to interpretation – this will only lead to trouble. However, you can talk about guidelines all day, but the fact remains that you are in separate places. You really are just going to have to trust him. And he will just have to trust you. It’s hard, but it will be a lot easier than spending all day wondering what he ‘might be doing’ when he’s probably just watching TV and scratching his *ahem*. Right?

3. Don’t let Facebook make You Crazy

Almost everyone has Facebook or other social media these days. DON’T constantly creep his page looking for ‘clues’ about girls, etc. Guaranteed, you will read too much into things and start to make yourself crazy.

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