Lelo Siri - A Rechargeable Pleasure Machine

A lot of my girlfriends have talked to me about their experience using sex toys like rabbit vibrators, but I didn't like the design of most of them; they just didn't look very exciting. For me the way a g spot vibrator, rabbit dildo, or other type of female toy looks and feels is just as important as what it does for me.

Lelo Siri

So I was really surprised when my girlfriend gave me a birthday present all wrapped up nicely, which had me thinking it was a piece of jewelry. I was so surprised when I opened the box and discovered it was a sex toy and it was absolutely beautiful. My girlfriend explained that this was a new kind of vibrator called the Lelo Siri, made by a company in Sweden. I was really impressed by the design; unlike other vibrators that I had seen before, this one was shaped in a sleek oval style fitting comfortably in my hand and easy to hold.

This little vibrator was perfect for me; I can use it with or without my hands because of its remote control. The other thing I liked was that it has six power levels for me to choose from when I am in the mood to play. The first time I use this vibrator I was totally blown away by the powerful orgasm I experienced: I was completely satisfied.

Even when I used it with the remote control, it fit perfectly against my pubic area and hummed along nicely on my clitoris; each time I changed the level of stimulation the experience was better. I used it several times without having to recharge it and each time it was a breeze to operate .When I think about the other vibrators that I had seen before, this one was definitely in a class by itself. It was really easy to use and rechargeable, with the controls located on the vibrator so neatly that you don't even have to look at it.

If you're like me and prefers beautiful things around them and likes to have a good experience when you masturbate, you are sure to enjoy using this vibrator, because it looks as good as it makes you feel.

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Lelo Siri
Lelo Siri

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