Ladygasm Silicone Anal Beads: A Simple Way To Try Anal

I’ve been using women sex toys for while, especially the G spot vibrator and I really enjoying being able to have multiple orgasm is whenever I’m in the mood. But recently I decided try something new that I never experienced before. I have been wondering how my orgasms would feel from anal sex so I bought the Ladygasm Flux silicone anal beads. I have heard a lot of things about silicone sex toys being better – especially for anal exploration – and I wanted to try them for myself.

Ladygasm Silicone Anal Beads

The first thing I noticed when I got this sex toy was that the beads were super smooth to the touch and looked different from the PVC version of this sex toys I had seen before. The smooth feel of these beads was a real turn-on; I was getting excited at the idea of my anal play; how they would feel inside of my body.

Since I never used any kind of anal sex toy before I made sure that I had a personal lubricant to make them easy to insert and remove. I really liked the Flux design because instead of all of the beads being the same size, they were all different; from very small to big which looked a lot more exciting.

Anal beads are probably one of the easiest sex toys to use because there are no batteries or control features to worry about, just the ring on the end to help you to remove it. But the different sizes of the beads is really the key because they increase the sexual stimulation, making it easy to get a different kind of thrill.

Using these anal beads was really easy and just like I expected the sensations were absolutely delicious; the silicone material really felt wonderfully sexy inside of my body and they were very easy to insert and remove. When I used the beads along with the vibrator the sensation took me to orgasm almost immediately-I was amazed and delighted too.

I think the Ladygasm Flux is much better than the regular anal beads because they are made from silicone and the stimulation from the graduated bead size helps you to vary the sexual pleasure for satisfying orgasms.

My photos of this item

Ladygasm Silicone Anal Beads
Ladygasm Silicone Anal Beads

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