JO H20 Warming Lubricant

The H20 Warming Lubricant from System Jo is similar in viscosity and feel to regular System Jo personal lubricant, with no oil, wax, or silicone, this lube ensures silky smooth and warm pleasure without any sticky residue. Manufactured under strict U.S. FDA guidelines, this water-based lube is 100% latex compatible for long-lasting and fragrant free enjoyment, enhancing your intimacy like no other.

JO H20 Warming Lubricant

It's perfect for sexual couples or for solo play when you are using a dildo and you just need just a little more wetness. Being a water-based lube it works well with both porous and non-porous dildos, unlike the oiled based lubes which can damage the texture of latex dildos.

When you use it with your fingers for masturbation it feels like a thick coating but there's no sticking feeling and no greasiness.

For personal play, a single drop is plenty and will last a whole drawn out session and provide exactly the kind of lubrication you need. If you're using this water-based lube with a partner, apply a few more drops although more can be used for extra fun!

Being a water-based lube, clean up is so easy, too! It comes off whatever you get it on when you're ready to remove it, but lasts throughout your session. Even though it's water based, it provides the lubricating smoothness of a silicone lube, but is much easier to clean.

This is also a great personal lubricant for personal play. The warming sensation is so arousing but not overwhelmingly powerful. The warming sensation warms up toys and your fingertips nicely.

You just may find things get a little too hot if you build up friction with a partner, the warming lubricant can get pretty warm, so it may be best to speed up slowly the first couple of times just to make sure you don't get overheated!

The Jo H20 water-based lube is also good for foreplay. Just a little goes a long way and your hands warm up quickly so there's no more surgically cold hands.

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